Sagrada Película

Nuno Leitão
year 2019
visual identity
art direction

“(…) it may seem contradictory, but I think that the new image should convey modernity but, with a foot in tradition, it would not be analogical photography that uses chemical processes that are centuries old in the 21st century (…)”.⁠
A premise that focuses on a project and in which, from the technical exploration of writing according to the models of the Gothic style, Duq De Berry’s Gotiques stand out, the beginning of the entire process of redesigning the new visual identity.⁠
Leading to a formal reduction resulting in simplicity, working rhythmic and regular lettering compositions based on an interposed grid, as well as enclosing a message of growth in the exploration of the graphic brand’s pieces.⁠
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business enquiries
+351 913 747 434